My love affair with Boston Terriers started when my mother and father brought home a little
black and white puppy with a smashed in face and a cute little corkscrew tail.  Dad had grown up
with Boston Terriers and knew Snippy would be the perfect family pet.  It was love at first
sight!   Snippy was my constant companion through my young years, who made me laugh and knew
just when I needed comfort.  That was over 60 years ago and I have not been without a Boston in
my life since.  Throughout my years growing up as a child at home there was Snippy, Pepsi and
Snoopy.  The Boston is truly a perfect companion, which is what they are breed to be.  They are
smart, funny and have an enormous capacity for love.

When I set out on my own I continued our family's tradition and got my first Boston, Jasper.  
After Jasper, came JJ Jingles then Bosley & Bogey.  Throughout the years I have been down many
trails with my Bostons, learning some of the inherent problems that the breed can have.  When JJ
became ill is when my research started.  I learned a lot and found many new friends via the
Internet.  During my research I found a passion for working with Boston Terrier Rescue.  There
are many wonderful Boston Terrier Rescue groups across our country, all needing our help so that
they can continue their aid to the lost, neglected, sick and abandoned Boston Terriers.  Please,
help support these organizations in any way you can.    A small donation of any kind to your local
rescue group is always appreciated, whether it be food, towels, toys, an unused collar or leash or a
gift of monetary value.   My
Links page can lead you to a group near you!

Here at the ranch we are currently owned and loved by Wyatt Earp "Wyatt", Remington "Remi"
and our newest addition, Ms Annie Oakley "Oakley."  I started a new love and hobby with my
Bostons, showing in conformation approx 7 years ago.  This has lead me to more research and
understanding of this most wonderful breed.  Wish us luck and stop by often to see our progress in
this new endeavor.

Happy Trails to you from AZCowboyz, proud member of the
BTCA, Sierra Gold BTC and Madera
Canyon KC.  Always, when looking for a new pup remember to do your research and the BTCA is a
great place to start, check out their breeder referral page and don't forget to check with your
local Boston Terrier Rescue for pups and older dogs that need a home.